Hi! My name is Alison. I am loud, inappropriate, lazy, and I would do anything for my friends and family.  I have a sexy saint of a husband named Patrick and the sweetest baby boy on the planet- my Liam Daniel. Oh and I have this thing about me where once I get set on doing something- it’s all I can think about or talk about. This has been one of those things. I have fallen in love with downsizing our possessions.IMG_3194

This online journal is all about overcoming my long-time anxiety and new found postpartum depression to make room for joy by purging those things we don’t need and keeping only what truly makes us happy.

This site will be raw and real. I may have typos, run-on sentences and misspelled words. I won’t have the prettiest of pictures or the best designed site because it is mainly just a place for me to tell a story as if I am talking right to you in person.

I chose to make this public for three reasons.

  1. I want our family and friends to be so inspired that they want to make room for joy in their own homes through getting rid of stuff that does not bring happiness.
  2. To possibly help any moms struggling with postpartum depression or anyone struggling with anxiety know they are not alone!
  3. To be able to come and look back on our journey

Let’s get JOYFUL! I know Im overdue and SO ready.